About Us

Where it all started

Rock a Bye Baby was initially founded with the thought of a safer, organic, and more eco-friendly lifestyle for our children... The future generations to come.

We all want what is best for our children and this is exactly how Rock a Bye Baby started. 

Being a new mom in the United States was perfect! I was fortunate to have had access to endless baby products: organic, safe, natural, non toxic, eco-friendly.. you name it!

I enjoyed researching and comparing reviews of products to see what best suited my daughter at the time.

After a few years it was time for us to move back home to Bahrain. It was then and there that I noticed that the available baby products were very limited and that there was a huge niche in our market that had to be filled.

 And that is what inspired me to start Rock a Bye Baby!

Objectives and Sense of direction

Rock a Bye Baby aims to make sure that the best quality of baby and children essentials are available to parents at all times, while contributing to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Our goal is to try and make buying responsibly second nature. We believe that we can help encourage our children to have a more sustainable future by providing eco-friendly products that will get them used to the idea of reducing single use plastics and recycling.  

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